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November 23, 2012

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"Neil's book contains so many ideas to success in life and business that once I started I couldn't stop reading."

he path to success is full of challenges, all of which test our characters; almost asking the quiet question: "Do you have what it takes to succeed in life?" Do you have the right character needed to be a true success?

Neil Jenman believes that all of us, no matter who we are, can greatly improve our lives. Unlike many self-help books, however, Neil doesn't believe that "you can achieve anything". He believes that many people waste too much time trying to be something they can never be. Life is too short to be in the wrong job or with the wrong people in your life. Sometimes you have to give up something and move on!

You should strive to be the best you can be. As renowned psychologist, Abraham Maslow, said: "If you deliberately plan to be less than you are capable of being, then I warn you that you will be unhappy the rest of your life."

If you are a young person starting out on your journey in life, you need this book. It will show you how to do your best. It will help you avoid mistakes that people make as they strive to succeed. If you are already 'on your path to success', this book can help you to be even more successful. And, if you think you are already a success, this book can make you think about how you can achieve even more. You can never stop improving.

In life, there are two 'types' of success. First there is your personal success and, second, there is your career success. Neither should be sacrificed for the sake of the other. You can – indeed, you should – aim to succeed in both areas of your life. For that, however, you need the right character. As the title of this book says, 'Success Takes Character.' It will help you to enjoy more success in your life.


hoever we are; wherever we live or whatever we do, we all want to be successful and happy. Many of us think we know the formula for happiness. Just get successful first. Success = happiness. [e.g. If I win a lottery, I’ll be happy].

But, as you’ll see in this book, many people have got the formula the wrong way around. Success rarely comes before happiness. For most successful people, happiness comes first. Success then follows. Indeed, happiness is one of the major elements that create success.

It’s not a cliché to say that “success means different things to different people.” One of the first steps to achieving success, therefore, is to define what success means for you.

Success, in any form, demands that you be a person of fine character. The type of success and the level of success you achieve is dependent upon your character. A poor character leads to a poor level of success – failure. A great character leads to great success.

Life is like a game. To win the big game of big success, you have to win many small games on the path to success. You have to find the right path. You have to become a success pathfinder. It may sound harsh, but in this game of life there are both winners and losers. And one of the best ways to win is to follow winners and avoid losers.

To achieve meaningful and genuine success in your life, you have to study the characteristics of successful people – those who have achieved the success you seek. You’ll soon discover that… Success Takes Character.



uccess. What does it mean? What does it mean to you? Many people have different definitions. An athlete who wins an Olympic medal is a success. A mother who keeps a home together and helps fine children become fine adults is a success. What about a businessman who makes a lot of money? Is he a success? If success is measured in money then, sure, he’s a success. Although I don’t believe it should be, success is often measured in money.

The Macquarie Dictionary defines ‘success’ as ‘the gaining of wealth, position, or the like’. So, yes, success is about money. Especially in the early twenty-first century when so much focus is placed upon a person’s financial success. In his 2008 book, The Ascent of Money, author Niall Ferguson quotes the German poet Heinrich Heine as saying that ‘Money is the God of our time’. I don’t feel comfortable with such sentiments.

I hope this book will help you to become more financially successful. But, while success does involve money, it doesn’t stop with money. Money alone does not make a person successful, no matter how much they have. There are plenty of losers on the Rich Lists.

Perhaps the word that could be associated with success is the word ‘happy’. My favourite definition is this: ‘The success of man is measured in two ways – the happiness of his wife and what his children say about him when he’s not there.’ This definition doesn’t mention ‘money’. It only applies to a person’s personal life. So, what about their working life? If you’ve just come out of the Bankruptcy Court and your spouse and children still love you, you might have success in your personal life ... read more


Author’s Note ix
Introduction  xi
Chapter One
Thank Your Lucky Stars
Chapter Two
Who Do You Think You Are? 
Chapter Three
The Nicest People I Have Ever Met
Chapter Four
‘If You’re So Smart, How Come You’re Not Rich?’ 
Chapter Five
Someone To Watch Over You 
Chapter Six
‘The Foremost of Virtues’   
Chapter Seven
Struggling to Make Sense of the Cents in our Lives  
Chapter Eight
‘The Trouble With You Is …’    
Chapter Nine
Why Should We Fall In Love With You? 
Chapter Ten
The Summing Up
Acknowledgements 251
Suggested Reading List     254
Index 256

Neil Jenman

eil Jenman has been involved in the real estate industry since 1973 where he has been a strong campaigner for ethics and the rights of consumers. He has an ethics accreditation program for estate agents – known as 'Jenman Approved'. He also assists Real Estate Monitors & Referrals, a company that offers free help and support to real estate consumers, especially when they are selling their properties. Success Takes Character is Neil's fourth book. His other books are about property and investing. Neil is married and has six children. He spends most of his time with his family at their Sydney home or at their family cattle property in Central Queensland.

Contact Neil via editor@SuccessTakesCharacter.com

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Couldn’t put it down!

Hetty Johnston

Wow. I couldn't put it down until I had finished it. I have read so many of 'these' books and I thought I was in for another like the others; but to my joy, to my absolute joy, this is no ordinary book. If you only ever read one book aimed at inspiring you to be all you can be, then this is it.
When you read this book you read a thousand books, but all at once.
Neil has cherry picked famous quotes and stunningly transfixing observations by some of the most successful people in history and interwoven them into his own amazing life story.
You won’t put it down. It is a timeless book of wisdom which will live and guide for many generations to come.


Lynette Allison

I started reading this book last night, and woke up at 3.30 this morning as I just had to finish it! I was hooked from Neil's first words on the first page and found myself in tears at some parts. I felt torn between wanting to devour every page, to not wanting it to ever end! Highly recommended. I've ordered 10 copies so I can give as Christmas gifts.

No sugar coating here!

Silvana Harry

This book has the organic ingredients and recipe to build a great character and successful quality life. This, together with Neil's brutally honest and very emotional story makes Success Takes Character an inspiring must read.

A True Inspiration

Rosie O'Connor

When I turned to the last page of Success Takes Character I felt tears at the back of my eyes. What an inspiration Neil Jenman is. Despite the tears, this book made me feel very happy and motivated. It is written with courage and honesty. Thank you Neil.

A Wonderful Life Book

John Vumbaca

This is a book that not only makes you feel good but more importantly that you are capable of success and happiness. It will inspire you to take positive action. It's beautifully written and so easy to follow. Your life will be better for having read this "true success manual".

A brave piece of writing

Michael Meakin

Neil Jenman has left nothing out in this riveting book that is a road map on how to lead a more fulfilling life. For anyone who is looking to improve their lives or the lives of their families or friends then this book is a must for your book case.


Angelo Lambropoulos

Words cannot describe how happy I am that Neil shared his story with the world. This is a testament to the person you are, your kindness, compassion and honesty in being able to share your thoughts and show the world that all is not lost, no matter how bad things seem. This is coming from me, a young man (27) who had no guide to life... If I can do it, so can you; all it takes is Neil's wisdom with this 'Masterpiece'... Success Takes Character, A MUST READ!!!

What a wonderful Gift!

Matt Punter

Success Takes Character is a true Gift! It delivers honesty, wisdom and draws from Neils' life experiences that illustrate the inevitable ups and downs that someone truly living life encounters. It's real, it's warm, it's a no nonsense, engaging read that made me reach for my highlighter constantly! Highly recommended for the wannabe leaders of tomorrow to demonstrate how hard work and honesty can work together to produce successful outcomes, both in business and life!

Raw, heartfelt emotion. Truly inspiring!

Nigel Harry

The late great Jim Rohn said, "What if you missed the book that changed your life?" This might just be that book!

Finally, A Book About True Success

Tony Abboud

I have just finished reading Success Takes Character. It is the 198th book I have read this year. And it is the best book on success I have read, not only this year, but since I started reading books with a passion in 1992. I read the book slowly, simply because I did not want it to finish! This is an inspiring, true to life book about real success: success in every aspect of life not just money. It takes you on a journey of what it takes to be a success and shows that it is achievable if you are prepared to pay the price. Next I want my teenage kids to read it.

A true inspirational read

Damien Pusch

I found Neil's book to be mesmerising. From the moment I picked it up, I couldn't put it down. It is beautifully written; at times emotionally confronting and tragically uplifting. I found this book to be incredibly insightful and truly motivating. If you are looking for the path to success or are already on it, but want to reach new heights, buy this book now. You will not be disappointed.

A book and life of Character

Mary Dalmau

Reading Neil Jenman's "Success Takes Character" elicits many responses - amazement at his breadth of knowledge of the world's great literature, acknowledgement of the honesty with which he presents his life and views, agreement with the emphasis he places on integrity and, overwhelmingly, positive affirmation of so many of the points he makes about what drives success.
In challenging times, it is refreshing to read a book that eschews glib platitudes and calls on the reader to take stock of their life, examine what motivates them and deepen their personal understanding. What shines through is that Neil is both successful and a man of significant character.

Unexpected & Moving

Kevin Goodall

So unexpected. Neil Jenman delivers vintage wisdom! So moving. Not since "Titanic", have I teared up! So relevant. For those seeking greatness, this book goes beyond!

Writing this book takes someone with character!

Jason Pace

This book is a wonderful achievement and I can't wait to share it with friends and family. While there is no doubt that Neil is a passionate scholar in the area of success, it is his personal story, experiences and what he draws from these that I found most interesting. This book does not hold back any punches, but everything that Neil writes is there to help, not hurt. Some lessons in life are hard to take, but I wish I had this rule book to life when I was younger. Love it!

Brought tears to my eyes

Peter Cordony

I was surprised that Neil put his heart on his sleeve and exposed his upbringing and family life, it made the book compulsive reading and in doing so brought tears to my eyes. I had to keep reading until I finished the book, and will give all my children a copy. Forget about the self help gurus and read this. An absolutely beautiful and inspiring read. Get a copy.

A must read

Joe Musico

Excellent. Messages of wisdom on literally every page. Neil Jenman writes with honesty and courage. A must read for anyone who is interested in true success.

A real page turner

Michael Kies

When you open this book it's like a hand jumps out and grabs you. It is so hard to put down. A real page turner. One of the best success books I have ever read. It is well written, easy to read and filled with valuable information and advice. A must read for anyone searching for a better way to live.

Fantastic read

Steve Harris

Although Neil is considered the number one real estate expert in Australia this book is not just about real estate. In fact you could have no interest at all in real estate and still find this book inspiring. It is a story about a man who has overcome adversity and triumphed in the game of life. It will have you laughing, crying and wanting to read as much as you can before you put it down. A book all young men and older men who have wasted their lives should read ASAP. It will save you thousands of dollars and hours of reading looking for the best parts of other books as Neil would be Australia's most knowledgeable author. He has taken the good parts of many books and put them in a simple to understand fashion in his own style. It's a cross between autobiography, self help book and a sales book. In a nutshell his life. Will be the best $30 you spend this year.

I couldn't stop reading

John Kralik

Neil's book contains so many ideas to success in life and business that once I started I couldn't stop reading.

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